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The question after his future plans is one of the most serious questions, with what an adolescent has to deal with today. Big changes in society and business life don´t make it easy to follow and take the right decisions. What really happens if a 18 years old takes the plunge into another city or even to another country? And if she or he is coming from a country, what puts them in special conditions? Is there a difference between young people from east and west? Kaya from Varnsdorf, Czechia came to Beriln for love reasons. Love carries her trough all her dreams for her carrier. But one day she likes to check the dreams in relation to their common future – and lands in more reality. Stephan (Scholli) stays a some years in a Band, who doesn´t really believe in success by itself. But he learns a lot of his father-figure and musical mentor Hans. But one day he gets the chance to get another view to the whole situation ... Piotr is a phenomen. Nobody knows the timetables betwen Berlin a

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